Jolimark (HK) International Open 2016

Online registration is now available. Dates are fixed from 26th to 30th December 2016 and the venue confirmed, is at the Kung Lee College on Tai Hang Drive, Hong Kong.

The deadline for registration is 12 noon, 24th December 2016. No more registrations will be accepted after this deadline.  However, organisers reserve the right to refuse or decline any registrations without giving a reason.

The list of all participants will be published on our website from 1st December 2016. This acts as confirmation for participation and anyone not on this list will be excluded.

For inquiries please contact our President Robin Lai at 90484818 or send WhatsApp messages to +85256283315

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1st Hong Kong Dual Chess Championships Player List

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Activekids End of Year Tournament 2016


Tournament details:

Date: 11 Dec, 2016 Sunday

Playing Schedule: 6 Round Swiss

  • 9:00am Registration
  • 9:30am round 1
  • 10:30am round 2
  • 11:30am round 3
  • after round 3 lunch
  • 1:30am round 4
  • 2:30am round 5
  • 3:30am round 6
  • awarding ceremony follows immediately afterward
  • Play tempo: 25 minutes each side
  • FIDE Rules of Chess Apply
  • Age Categories:
    • Age 6 and under
    • Age 7-8
    • Age 9-10
    • Age 11-12
    • Age 13+
  • Prizes: trophies for top 3 and best girl in each age category.
  • Certificate for everyone.
  • Location: Quarry Bay School, 6 Hau Yuen Path, Braemar Hill, North Point, Hong Kong
  • Entry Fee: HKD 250 before Nov 30, HKD 280 afterward
  • Registration: call 3480-4199 or email

More Details: activekids-end-of-year-tournament-2016

1st Hong Kong Dual Chess Championships Rundown


Competition & Regulation Rules

1st Hong Kong Dual Chess Championships

More Detail

Hong Kong Under-14 Team Held their own in Asian Team Championship

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The Hong Kong Under-14 Team landed in the middle of the table, scoring 50% in their match points, in the inaugural Asian Under-14 Nationals Cup.

Iran won gold, China A Silver and Malaysia Bronze.

All the Hong Kong team members fought hard, learnt much from playing against many stronger players, and built up great team spirit in the process.

Hong Kong Chess Federation Limited, as the only official chess organisation body in Hong Kong, will provide opportunities for young players, who have proven themselves in HKCFL tournaments, to represent Hong Kong in FIDE-official events.

This experience will hopefully encourage these youngsters to compete in more high quality international tournaments, and aspiring them fight for Hong Kong in events such as the Chess Olympiad.

Hong Kong Under-14 Team Scored First Team Victory


The Hong Kong Under-14 Team scored their first playing victory in Round 4 of the Asian Nationals Cup Under-14 Team Tournament, that is underway in Jiaxing, China. They beat Maldives A 4-0.

Despite tough competition, the team spirit is high, with constructive and fun analysing sessions after each round.

This afternoon, the team will be competing at the Blitz Team Tournament.

The event will last until 12-Nov-16.

Hong Kong Under-14 Team In Action at Asian Team Tournament

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The inaugural Asian Nationals Cup Under-14 Team Tournament is currently underway in Jiaxing, China. It will be a 9-Round event, lasting until 12-Nov-16.

Hong Kong is one of the 15 teams competing in this FIDE tournament. Our team consists of five of our most promising juniors: James Kwong Wing-Ki, Oliver Yau, Gerald Xu Jiarong, Mike Tsoi and Ernest Cheung. KK Chan, the HKCFL Vice-President, is the Team Captain.
In the 1st round, despite being more than 400 rating points lower than the opposing Malaysian team, James obtained a draw on Board 1, against FM Wong Yinn Long, who is nearly 600 rating points higher.
Hong Kong will be facing Mongolia in Round 2.
Being the official body of chess organisation in Hong Kong, HKCFL is able to give opportunities for our most promising young players to compete in FIDE events and to develop their skills. The competition is stiff, but it is excellent for the young players to open their eyes and experience the level of chess at an international level. Hopefully this will aspire them to work hard at their chess and take to a new level.

Activekids Join HKCF Gold Affiliate Membership Scheme

The Chess Academy

Since 2004, ActiveKids has been serving over 55+ schools in Hong Kong and positively impacting thousands of children through chess over the years.  Given the breadth of our community participation and the depth of our team.

For details, please click here

Caissa Youth Grand Prix cycle starts with the YGP Winter 2016 edition

This season’s Caissa Youth Grand Prix cycle starts with the YGP Winter 2016 edition

Tournament details:

  • Playing Schedule:
    • 13 Nov Sun 2pm round 1, 4.30pm round 2
    • 27 Nov Sun 2pm round 3, 4.30pm round 4
    • 04 Dec Sun 2pm round 5, 4.30pm round 6 
  • Play tempo: 45 minutes + 30 seconds increment
  • FIDE Rated for players 1600 and below
  • FIDE Rules of Standard Chess Apply
  • Game is lost if arrival is later than 15 minutes after start of round
  • Age Categories:*
    • U8: born in 2009 and later
    • U10: born in 2007 and 2008
    • U12: born in 2005 and 2006
    • U14: born in 2003 and 2004
  • Prizes: trophies for top 3 in each age category in each YGP event
  • Grand Prix point for top 5 players
  • Player in each age category with most GP points will get fully sponsored trip to overseas prestigious youth tournament
  • Location: Caissa Sheung Wan Chess Center
  • Maximum 30 players on first come first serve basis
  • In case player has no FIDE ID, s/he needs to register at HKCFL in person with identification, e.g., by visiting Queen Elizabeth Stadium on Monday evening when HKCFL comes together.

1st Hong Kong Dual Chess Championships

Chief Organiser: Hong Kong Chess Federation Limited

Co-Organiser: Hong Kong China Chess School

Game Type: Chinese Chess and International Chess Mixed

Date: Sunday 4th December 2016

Venue: CCC Kung Lee College (No. 17, Tai Hang Drive, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong)

Competition Time: 9:30am to 6pm (All participants must arrive to the venue 30 minutes prior)

Divisions: 48 players per section. First-come-first-served

  • U-9: Chinese Chess Main (Born on or after 1 January 2007)
  • U-9: International Chess Main (Born on or after 1 January 2007)
  • U-12: Chinese Chess Main (Born on or after 1 January 2004)
  • U-12: International Chess Main (Born on or after 1 January 2004)
  • U-16: Chinese Chess Main (Born on or after 1 January 2000)
  • U-16: International Chess Main (Born on or after 1 January 2000)
  • Open: For All Ages

Number of Rounds: 7

Chinese Chess Main: Rounds 1-3 Chinese Chess, Round 4 International Chess, Rounds 5-7 Chinese Chess

International Chess Main: Rounds 1-3 International Chess, Round 4 Chinese Chess, Rounds 5-7 International Chess

Open: Play Chinese and International Chess simultaneously each round

Closing date for online entries:   Sunday 27-Nov-2016, First-come-first served

Any queries, please send email to

Entry fee: HKD200.00

Online registration click here

Prospectus and entry form for download here

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at Queen Elizabeth Stadium Committee Room I & II

Come and join us at 6:30pm on the following dates, check the event calendar below:

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