Hong Kong in the Asian Cities Chess Championship 2015

Report by Christopher Masters

The Asian cities chess championship was held in the Citrus Hotel, Sri Lanka. This is a prestigious team event that featured some of the best players from cities across Asia.

Hong Kong sent a team: Board 1: Christopher Masters, Board 2: Edgardo Borigas, Board 3: Luke Lau, Board 4: Edrien Borigas.

They played 9 different countries: Brunei, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, UAE, Palestine, Maldives, Malaysia, Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Although it was a tough competition, the team managed to draw the 4th seed Mongolian team, the Maldives team and the Brunei team. The team also beat the Palestine team.

All the players felt that it was good experience and will surely be reviewing their games so that they can do better next time.

HK Team

Hong Kong vs Erdernet City, Mongolia

Hong Kong vs Malaysia