New Committee Members have been appointed.

New Committee Members have been appointed.

The committee has approved the appointment of

Mr Daniel King Wai Lam as Vice President.
Mr Ka Hung Cheung as Committee Member.

Mr Robin Lai will be acting president.

until next AGM.

Dr. Cyrus Lai has resigned from his post of Committee Member.

Below are farewell words of Dr. Cyrus Lai:

Dear HKCF members,

I wish to inform you all that I have handed in my resignation notice
earlier in September.

HKCF is undergoing a great deal of changes, and the committee members
have to make decisions on a lot of issues that do not promise to offer
solutions that can please all parties.

As a long time member of this federation, I have played my part to
help navigate HKCF to the best of my knowledge, judgement and
conscience. However lately, due to work and personal affairs, I find
it increasingly difficult to put up the time necessary to keep myself
well informed enough to make good decisions on the members’ behalf.

Upon my departure, I wish to thank the committee for all that they
have done and will do for HKCF. I have full confidence that under
their leadership, HKCF will navigate these stormy waters into an even
brighter future.

Cyrus Lai