HKCF Disciplinary Action 紀律處分

The Disciplinary Committee met on 1st October 2015 at the City University grounds to deliberate on an issue that has plagued Hong Kong chess for a long time i.e. the defaulting of games. Before us was a case where there were 4 defaults in a single event. This player’s 4 opponents each had to be present for one hour to claim their win.


After careful deliberations on the material presented, it is the unanimous decision of the Disciplinary Committee that the reasons given were insufficient to justify the defaulting of these 4 games.

Recommended action

1. Immediate suspension of HKCF membership for 3 months.
2. For the entire year 2016, may not participate in any event organised by HKCF and may not represent HKG in any FIDE event.
3. May not participate in the preliminaries or finals of the Hong Kong Chess Championship 2017.





1. 終止 HKCF 會員資格三個月。
2. 於 2016 年間,不能於參加由 HKCF 主辦的賽事及不能代表 HKG 參與任何 FIDE 賽事。
3. 不能參與加 Hong Kong Chess Championship 2017。