Call for Registration :

All members are welcome to register!

  • For official FIDE juniors /adults event, please check under FIDE Calendar

Fide Calendar 2016 (Updated Oct 2015)


Concluded Events

Junior Selection Criteria:

  • All players representing Hong Kong MUST be a HKCF member (accompanying person does not count) and under the federation of HKG. Please check membership application if you are not yet a member.
  • All players representing Hong Kong should at least participate in one HKCF’s official Tournament unless a valid reason is provided.
  • All players representing Hong Kong should at least finish all the games in the Fide Tournament.
  • Performance of official HKCF tournaments will be taken into account for allocation of free boarding if any by the Committee. Those who have played in the particular Selection Tournament will have priority over others, priority will be according to their final ranking in the named Section (Male and Female are calculated seperately)
  • The Committee’s decision is always final and binding.
  • HKCF reserves the right to modify the selection criteria with or without notice.


  • Interested parties please contact our Secretary at least 1 month before the tournament deadline of any particular tournament (unless a deadline is provided in this page).
  • There is no HKCF financial support in any FIDE tournament unless otherwise stated.