HKCF Membership Application

Hong Kong Chess Federation is a member of the Fide and the only official body of Fide in Hong Kong.

Membership Application must be submitted in person.

Please contact our secretary or membership director if you are interested in applying as member.

1. According to the constitution of HKCF applications for membership must be submitted in writing and are subject to approval by the HKCF committee.
2. Please provide proof of identity and nationality on submission of application.
3. The personal data collected in this form is to be used only for assessing eligibility for membership of the Hong Kong Chess Federation. Name and contact information will be kept for membership records if the application is successful while other data will be discarded after the assessment for membership.
4. All members must have a valid email address.

Membership application form

Free introductory course of the Laws of Chess and Tournament Rules are offered to those who is interested in chess by Fide certified Trainer and Arbiter, space is limited, please contact us for arrangement. HKCF reserves the right to accept or reject such application with or without assigning any reasons.

Please contact us for any additional inquiry.